Oscars 2015: Guys Trim Their Beards

Ethan Hawke, left, and Bradley Cooper

Nominees including Ethan Hawke and Bradley Cooper went barely there with their facial hair.

Although we’ve been seeing plenty of beards on the red carpet this awards season, for Sunday’s Academy Awards it seemed many men thought less was more. Nominee Ethan Hawke took his trademark goatee of late down to a mere shadow with the help of a Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler trimmer and groomer Lauren Kaye Cohen. Behind the decision to go barely there? Respect for the formality and seriousness of the awards show.

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The goatee "gives a lot of structure to his face and he loves having it, but we wanted it as cleaned up as possible while keeping his personal style," says Cohen. Other guys who seemed to be honoring the Oscar carpet with similarly tighter and tamed facial hair included Tim McGraw, Miles Teller, David Oyelowo and Bradley Cooper.

Several more — Josh Hutcherson, Chris Pratt and Adam Levine included — retained a bit more than a 5 o’clock shadow but still seemed to be taking the restrained approach to scruff. They were, after all, wearing classic black tuxedos.

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Says Cohen, "There are certain guys who love their facial hair and are wearing it. And it’s nice to see it so well-groomed, that they’ve made the effort to keep that part of their look but make it polished by taking it down close to the face and making sure all the lines look smooth and it’s not scruffy. It’s the time to respect the event and look their best."

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