Etta James' Husband to Remain Conservator of Her Million-Dollar Estate

Etta James Performing New - P 2011
Rick Diamond/ Getty Images

Etta James Performing New - P 2011

The singer's spouse, Artis Mills, and her two sons have sparred over control of her fortune and medical care in court throughout the year.

The husband of blues singer Etta James will remain conservator of her million-dollar estate, a Riverside Country judge has ruled.

The entertainer, who is terminally ill with chronic leukemia, also suffers from dementia and kidney failure and requires 24-hour medical care.

James' husband Artis Mills and her two sons have been in and out of court throughout 2011 to determine who would control her finances and administer the funds needed to cover her care.

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Riverside County Superior Court Judge Thomas H Cahraman ruled Monday that Mills would remain in charge of his wife's finances, but would only receive $350,000 of the $500,000 that he had asked for expenses, reports the Los Angeles Times.

James' son Donto told the paper that he and his brother Sametto had wanted the singer checked out at a hospital, "The only issue is my mother going to into the hospital. I begged the doctors to do it this one time to make sure everything is OK."

That request was denied and James will continue being treated by a private doctor and nurses at her Riverside home.