Euro film commissions group sets board


TURIN, Italy -- The European Film Commissions Network unveiled its first board of directors Monday, featuring seven members from six countries to be lead by Arie Boher, the group's newly elected president and a representative from the Austrian Film Commission.

The appointments were released on the sidelines of the 25th annual Turin Film Festival in the wake of a special election held in Prague.

The mission of the Brussels-based organization -- established earlier this year and unveiled during the Festival de Cannes in May -- is to help coordinate activities, network, and develop joint initiatives. Membership includes members of 55 film commissions from 18 European countries, and organizers said they expect the numbers to grow next year.

"The worldwide audiovisual industry is expected to grow to 71 billion euros ($104 million) over the next three years," Boher said in a statement. "The European Film Commissions Network will ensure Europe competes for its share of the global industry."

Film France's Patrick Lamassoure will be the organization's general secretary; Marianne Gassner from the Stuttgart Region Film Commission was elected treasurer; Giorgio Fossati from the Torino-Pimonte Film Commission and the Andalucia Film Commission's Piluca Querol will oversee communications; and the Genova Set Film Commission's Andrea Rocco and Ludmila Claussova from the Czech Film Center will serve as board members.

"This is an important step in the development of the body," Fossati said in Turin. "Now we can start our work."