Euro MPs vote to coordinate spectrum

Broadcasters warn they could get pushed out of market

BRUSSELS -- Euro MPs voted Thursday to coordinate spectrum management to ensure that mobile TV, VOD and other new technologies can flourish after Europe's digital switchover in 2012.

Their demands come after European broadcasters warned that they could be squeezed out of the market if valuable broadcast frequencies are sold off to users such as mobile phone operators under the "digital dividend" policy.

The Euro MPs in the European Parliament's Industry Committee called on EU governments and the European Commission to identify common spectrum sub-bands to ensure that broadcasters do not compete or interfere with mobile operators, emergency services and other technologies for bandwidth.

The demands, drafted by Italian Liberal Euro MP Patrizia Toia, said that if properly managed, the digital dividend should enable public and private broadcasters to provide a much larger number of programs serving general interest objectives such as the promotion of cultural and linguistic diversity.