Euro parliament reveals film award shortlist

Finalists to be screened to 736 parliament members

LONDON -- European parliament members will take a break from political debate to choose the winner of the LUX prize, which will come from a list of 10 Eurozone films announced by organizers Friday.

The 10 movies will be whittled down to three before the 736 members of the EP vote on the winner after the trio of titles are named and screen during the Venice Film Festival in September.

Among the 10 movies shortlisted to compete are Claire Denis' "35 Rhums," Hans-Christian Schmid's "Sturm" and Caroline Strubbe's "Lost Persons Area."

The final selected trio will be shown at the European Parliament from Nov. 2-20 before the Euro MP vote.

The award will be given at the European Parliament on Nov. 25 in Strasbourg.

The LUX Prize aims to spotlight the wealth and diversity that characterizes European cinema by selecting films which deal, in different ways, with European issues such as immigration and public freedom.

Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne's "Le Silence de Lorna" won the award last year.

The 10 films, with directors, in the 2009 official selection are:

"35 Rhums," Claire Denis; "Lost Persons Area," Caroline Strubbe; "Ander," Roberto Caston; "North," Rune Denstad Langlo; "Eastern Plays," Kamen Kalev; "Pandora's Box," Yesim Ustaoglu; "Fuer Ein Augenblick," Arash T. Riahi; "Sturm," Hans-Christian Schmid; "Katalin Varga," Peter Strickland; "Welcome," Philippe Lioret.