Europe poised for strong PIFF showing

Almost one-third of Pusan slate from European directors

LONDON -- This year’s Pusan International Film Festival will have a stronger European accent than ever with more movies from across the continent traveling east for the Korean shindig.

Trade promotions body, European Film Promotion, said this year’s South Korean event will have 104 movies from its 355-strong program from European shores. Last year’s event saw 85 films from Europe out of 315 titles.

The rise in European movie offerings is as much a reflection of quality as it is interest in the potential of the Asian market for European fare, according to the EFP.

Directors Costa Gavras and Jean-Jacques Beineix, as well as the Oscar winning actress Tilda Swinton, are expected to show their European faces at the Asian event.

EFP has handpicked more than 20 directors and projects and is hoping a host of directors will fly into Pusan to support the screenings. Directors such as Polish quartet Jacek Borcuch, Piotr Dumala, Mariusz Grzegorzek, Jaroslaw Szoda and an Icelandic contingent including Fridrik Thor Fridriksson are among those expected in town.

Backed by the MEDIA Program of the European Union, EFP is supporting the European film presence in Pusan for the 12th year running.

The body plans to bring a delegation of 26 directors and actors from 15 different countries to Pusan.

EFP supports traveling to the festival as a way of showcasing European movies to the Asian marketplace.

The festival and EFP are also cooperating on various joint projects spanning film screenings and press and for the fourth year in a row, EFP will be setting up an umbrella office for European sales agents at the Asian Film Market.

The office will play host to 27 companies from 15 European countries.


The following 26 directors and actors will be travelling with their films to Pusan with the support of EFP:

Monica Birladeanu, actress, “Francesca” (Romania)

Réné Bitorajac, actor, “Metastases” (Croatia)

Jacek Borcuch, director, “All That I Love” (Poland)

Nathalie Borgers, director, “Winds of Sand, Women of Rock” (Belgium, Austria, France)

lvaro Brechner, director, “Bad Day to Go FishingZ”  (Spain, Uruguay)

Stanislaw Brudny, actor, “The Forest” (Poland)

Piotr Dumala, director, “The Forest” (Poland)

Margret Dagmar Ericsdóttir, producer, “The Sunshine Boy” (Iceland)

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, director, “The Sunshine Boy” (Iceland)

Mira Fornay, director, “Foxes” (Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia)

Mariusz Grzegorzek, director, “I Am Yours” (Poland)

Jessica Hausner, director, “Lourdes” (Austria, France, Germany)

Gabe Ibáñez, director, “Hierro” (Spain)

Martin Koolhoven, director, “Winter in Wartime” (The Netherlands, Belgium)

Mateusz Kos´ciukiewicz, actor, “All That I Love” (Poland)

Damjan Kozole, director, “Slovenian Girl” (Slovenia, Germany, Serbia, Croatia)

Yorgos Lanthimos, director, “Dogtooth” (Greece)

Bobby Paunescu, director, “Francesca” (Romania)

Joao Salaviza, director, “Arena” (Portugal)

Anno Saul, director, “The Door” (Germany)

Samuel Spisak, actor, “Broken Promise” (Slovakia, Czech Republic)

Nicolas Steil, director, “Draft Dodgers” (Luxembourg, Switzerland)

Andreas Struck, director, “Sleeping Songs” (Germany)

Jaroslaw Szoda, director, “The Miracle Seller” (Poland)

Jean van de Velde, director, “The Silent Army” (The Netherlands, France)

Robert Wieckiewicz, actor, “Zero” (Poland)