Europe product placement revenue to jump


LONDON -- European product placement revenue could total 107 million pounds by 2010, but will remain substantially behind the U.S., according to new estimates from FremantleMedia, published Tuesday.

Director of operations and strategy Christina Schneider-Sickert said that though the European Parliament had lifted restrictions last month, allowing for limited product placement for individual nation-states, the income from the sector would remain modest because many countries have yet to decide whether it should be implemented.

"We are watching developments closely. I would not be surprised if something did not change of the next year and a half. I really believe that in Europe, with legislation relaxing country by country, we will see more over here."

Fremantle, the producer-distributor behind such shows as "American Idol," "Fear Factor," and "America's Got Talent," numbers deals with Cingular, Ford and Coca-Cola among its major product participation revenue generators.