European Body-Contouring Technology That Attacks Thighs "Like Monster Trucks" Arrives in L.A.

Courtesy of Cellfit

Endosphères Therapy debuts at Griffin Club Los Angeles’ Cellfit Spa.

If there’s one thing just about everyone in Hollywood can appreciate going into the holiday months before awards season, it’s a noninvasive way to tighten up and detoxify the body. Even better? Reaping the benefits — temporary cellulite reduction, improved vascular circulation, lymphatic drainage, muscle toning and relief of aches and pains — while being blissfully de-stressed.

The decade-old Italian tech that makes this lofty promise isn’t new, but it’s never been available in the U.S. until now. The Cellfit Spa at private-members club Griffin Club Los Angeles premiered the popular Endosphères Therapy earlier this fall. 

Endospheres therapy rooms are situated close to exercise facilities for a reason, because the compressive micro-vibration movements (achieved using a large cylindrical “wand” featuring 55 rotating hypoallergenic silicon spheres in a honeycomb pattern) works through tissue to positively affect mechanoreceptors and inflammation that cause muscle aches and pains in athletes, and can help relieve post-workout soreness, as well as helping to sculpt the body via vacuum suction.

The sensation of dozens of miniature monster trucks doing frenzied laps across one’s outer thighs, glutes and back actually feels good, and is kind of soothing. On the belly — and feet — it’s closer to being tickled heartily, the speed of movement down from 350 Hz to 100 Hz. It’s one of those things you can feel working, and it’s easy to imagine this vigorous device shaking things up and flooding “stuck” places with fresh blood flow. And at Cellfit, the benefits are amplified with addition of high-end seaweed-packed formulas by the French skincare label Thalion, a family owned boutique brand from the north of France that uses powerful underwater botanicals from a UNESCO-protected biosphere.

It turns out the micro-vibrations are also effective on the face. Rotating at varying speeds, they can work to lift, plump and “train” one’s visage enough that devotees use it to delay plastic surgery or even replace it.

Though it's not a one-and-done thing, there are visible results after a single 60-minute session ($220 for non-members, $180 for members). This regimen works best with 10 to 12 treatments, up to several times a week, along with healthy eating and exercise. Benefits build, and toning lasts up to eight months.

In Hollywood, where beauty addictions range from woo-woo to holistic to needle- and knife-obsessed, this European import falls happily in the middle, offering easy appeal and access that’s honesty quite un-L.A.