European Film Academy Young Audience Award Nominees

Courtesy of Constantin Film

Katja von Garnier's “Windstorm,” Danish drama “The Contest” and Dutch feature “Regret” are up for the EFA's nod for best children's film.

The story of a young immigrant trying to be her adopted country's next pop star, a drama about school bullying and the tale of a girl and her horse are the three nominees for this year's Young Audience Award, presented by the European Film Academy.

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The Contest, from Danish director Martin Miehe-Renard, looks at the phenomenon of television talent shows a la The Voice and American Idol through the lens of a young Muslim immigrant girl in Copenhagen, who struggles against prejudice and family tradition to try to become the nation's next big thing. Dutch filmmaker Dave Schram's Regret! tells the story of school bullying from the point of view of a boy forced to choose whether to ignore or stand up for a bullied classmate. And Windstorm, from German director Katja von Garnier (Iron Jawed Angels) is a best-seller adaptation about a girl trying to save the life of her beloved horse.

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Audiences of young viewers in 17 countries across Europe will screen all three films on May 4 and vote on the winner. The screenings for 12- to 14-year-old viewers will take place in major cities such as London, Barcelona and Stockholm but also in smaller areas including Aalborg in Denmark, Erfurt in Germany and in Israel's Tel Aviv.

The winner will be announced at a ceremony streamed live on

This is the third year the European Film Academy has let young audiences vote for their own favorite children's film. Last year's winner was The Zigzag Kid from Dutch director Vincent Bal.