European Film Awards Comedy Nominees Unveiled

'The Big Hit'

'The Big Hit'

Funny films from France, Spain, and Finland are in the running for the European Comedy 2020 honor. 

A trio of laffers — from France, Spain, and Finland —have been nominated for this year's European Film Awards in the best European comedy category. 

The European Film Academy announced its 2020 nominees for best Euro comedy on Tuesday, naming a final shortlist containing Emmanuel Courcol's The Big Hit, Aritz Moreno's The Advantages of Traveling By Train, and Ladies of Steel from Finish director Pamela Tola. 

Kad Merad, of Welcome to the Sticks fame, stars in The Big Hit as a once-famous actor down on his luck who decides to give drama lessons to prisoners in an attempt to stage Samuel Beckett's classic Waiting for Godot

In The Advantages of Traveling By Train,  which is less a by-the-numbers comedy than a piece of Spanish grotesque, Pilar Castro (Julieta) plays a woman whose husband has apparently gone insane and who finds herself sitting across from a man (Ernesto Alterio) who claims to be a psychiatrist who is familiar with her husband's case. 

Tola's Ladies of Steel stars veteran Finnish actress Leena Uotila as Inkeri, a septuagenarian housewife who finally whacks her annoying husband with a frying pan. Realizing she'll have to spend the rest of her life in prison, Inkeri decides to take one final road trip with her sisters. 

The 3,800 members of the European Film Academy will pick this year's comedy winner, which will be announced at the online-only 2020 European Film Awards in December.