European co-productions fare better

EAO tracked 5,414 films from 2001-07 in 20 markets

BRUSSELS -- European co-productions travel better and earn more than purely national movies, the European Audiovisual Observatory said Thursday.

The Strasbourg-based EAO published a study of 5,414 films released between 2001 and 2007 in 20 European markets with cumulative admissions of 1.4 billion tickets sold.

It showed that on average, co-productions were released in more than twice as many markets as national films: 77% of all co-productions get released on at least one non-national market, compared with 33% for entirely national films.

Their audiences were 2.7 times bigger: They had a median average of 51,785 admissions, compared with 19,137 for 100% national films.

Non-national markets are also more important for co-productions than for entirely national films for audiences, the study found, accounting for 41% of total admissions to co-productions compared with 15% for entirely national films.

The six years' worth of movies in the study included 4,390 entirely national productions and 1,024 co-productions. Of the co-productions, 25% (252 films) involved three European co-producing countries, 6% (63 projects) involved four countries, and only 1% (13 movies) had five or more.

Although the European market is dominated by U.S. productions (64% of ticket sales total) and co-productions (7%), they were not considered in the survey, which effectively covered just 27% of the market.