European shows dominate Euro screens

Report highlights indie produced content success

BRUSSELS - More than 63% of European television broadcasting time is devoted to European works and over 37% to works by independent European producers, according to a European Commission report published Friday.

Information Society and Media Commissioner Viviane Reding said it shows the impact of EU rules aimed at promoting European programs. But she warned that changing media landscape would put new pressures on the sector. "Our audiovisual industry will need to continue to offer rich and innovative European content for the take-up of new media services such as mobile TV and video-on-demand," she said.

The report shows that average transmission times varied between 45.4% in Sweden and 81.1% in Poland.

Under EU rules, national governments need to ensure "where practicable and by appropriate means" that broadcasters devote at least half of their broadcasts to European works, and at least 10% of their broadcasting time or budget to European works created by independent producers. These rules exclude time devoted to news, sports events, games, advertising, teletext and teleshopping services.