Eurosport tops French first-half cable ratings


PARIS -- Eurosport was at the top of its game in the first half of 2007, with the cable network boasting the largest audience share among thematic cable channels in France, according to French audience measurement service Mediametrie.

The semi-annual MediaCabSat study is the first to be conducted since rival pay TV companies TPS and Canal Plus merged.

Despite a 0.5% point drop in the past year, Eurosport remained the most popular thematic channel, with a 1.8% audience share, followed by RTL9, with 1.3%, and TV Breizh, with 1.2%.

Canal Plus subsidiary networks Canal+ Sport and Canal J followed with a 1% audience share each. Canal+ Decale rose 0.1% point to a 0.7% audience share and Canal+ Cinema remained stable with an unchanged 0.5% share.

The company's other subsidiary stations, Cine Cinema Frisson and Cine Cinema Premier benefited from the TPS merger, with both movie channels seeing a 0.1% point rise over the course of the year.

For the first time ever, MTV topped its Gallic equivalent, MCM, in the 15-24 age category, but MCM maintained its lead over MTV among the rest of the population.