Eva Chen Got a New Gig at Instagram

Eva Chen Paris Fashion Week - P 2014
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Eva Chen Paris Fashion Week - P 2014

You'll never guess how she announced the news. (Hint: It's related to her new job.)

After announcing her departure from the shuttering Lucky magazine, many in the industry wondered what former editor-in-chief Eva Chen's next move would be and whether or not it would involve Conde Nast. On Friday, however, Chen put our curious minds at ease by announcing her new gig at none other than Instagram, where she'll be the head of fashion partnerships. 

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The move is a no-brainer, considering her popularity on the social media app, where she not only spawned her own signature hashtag (#EvaChenPose, it's a thing), but also gained almost 400,000 followers with her charming account, peppered with photos of fashion, food and adorable daughter Ren.

As one would expect, Chen broke the news on Instagram this morning by posting a photo at the app's HQ with the caption, "Beyond excited to announce that I'll be joining the brilliant team at Instagram as head of fashion partnerships! (Today being #worldemojiday is the best coincidence, yes! )"


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Given that fashion and Instagram go together like peanut butter and jelly, it's no surprise that the app tapped Chen to lead the quest for fashion-world domination.

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In an interview with Mashable, Chen noted that though the role was not an editorial one as she's used to, her editor's eye would play a big part. "Having an editorial eye and ability to curate will be an important," she noted. "It's a partnerships role, but it's not unlike my role as an editor. At the heart of it, it's the love of fashion, brands, stylists and influencers and finding their stories."