Eva Chen Recreates Kermit the Frog Meme in Effort to Quell Instagram Chaos

Eva Chen attends The Elle Style Awards 2016 - P 2016
Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Fashion's official Instagram liaison took it upon herself to clear the air about the new algorithm — through an Instagram post, of course.

Rather than the typical barrage of #OOTDs and posts related to the Monday blues, many of today's Instagram feeds were filled with images of arrows pointing to the upper right hand corner, which urged followers to "turn on notifications." 

Stars with millions of followers — Kendall and Kylie Jenner included — were among those worried that a new Instagram algorithm, supposedly launching tomorrow, would bury their posts and make them more difficult for followers to see instantly. The algorithm in question has been likened to Twitter's "While You Were Away" feature, which aggregates a handful of tweets at the top of the instant feed that a user may not have seen.

"Instagram is changing out of chronological order," Kylie Jenner warned her 55 million followers. "So let's say you love someone's photos but don't physically 'like' their pics they will bump them to the bottom. It's called INSTAgram for a reason."

But according to Eva Chen, the former Lucky editor in chief who joined the social app as head of fashion partnerships last year, the somewhat naggy and rant-y posts were a bit misguided. (Not to mention, they took away from all the adorable Easter Instagrams.)

As fashion's official Instagram liaison, Chen took it upon herself to clear the air — through an Instagram post, of course. "The interweb is exploding with people urging other people to turn on post notifications," she said in the caption of a classic #EvaChen nail polish post. "Take it from me, unless you are dying for up-to-the-nanosecond posts about my nailpolish whims, you don't need to turn it on tomorrow. #trustmeonthisonepeople." 

As the day wore on, however, the great debate raged, seeming to ignore Chen's assurances. Her response? A recreation of Kermit the Frog's infamous "none of my business" meme

"I feel like getting thousands of post notifications a day would be stressful... But that's none of my business," she writes alongside a boomerang of herself sipping tea in a rocking chair. Well played, Eva.