Eva Longoria 'In Tears' After Obama's Win

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Eva Longoria (CAA, Brillstein, Bloom Hergott), via her UnbeliEVAble production banner, has inked a first-look development deal with Universal Television.

The Hollywood Democrat and ex-Desperate Housewife weighs in on the election results.

Hours after President Obama's re-election victory, one of his biggest celebrity supporters was still reeling from result.

Phoning into Wednesday's edition of Good Morning America, Eva Longoria -- who stumped for president to get out the Latino vote -- said, "I was in tears, first of all. I thought it would be a longer night. We were prepared. ... I was so excited because we did work very hard for the campaign, but it just shows that the middle class won. Super PACs didn't get to buy the election. They didn't get to buy America."

The former Desperative Housewives star also praised the growing presence of women in Senate, and joined the chorus of many others who think it's time "to end the gridlock that we've been seeing in Congress." (Kid Rock put it another way during a Mitt Romney rally the other night, saying "somebody's just gotta smack the f--k out of Congress.")

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Last month, Longoria was critcized by comedian Paul Rodriguez for making "mean-spirited" comments about Romney. Rodriquez, who recently made a Latino-targeted ad supporting the Republican's presidential bid, was miffed over Longoria's retweet of a statement saying women and minorities supporting Romney would "have to be stupid to vote for such a racist/misogynistic tw-t." She later apologized and removed the tweet.

Obama, meanwhile, has commended Longoria's dedication to the Democratic ticket.

"I am very, very honored," says Longoria. "And I didn't do this as a celebrity. None of us did. We were doing it because we care deeply about this country."

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