Everlane Will Donate Black Friday Profits to Factory Workers

everlane - P 2015
Courtesy of Everlane/Instagram

Who needs a sale when you're doing good?

Online fashion retailer Everlane has made itself known for its commitment to "radical transparency" in terms of where materials are sourced and their minimalist essentials are manufactured. And now they’re being very clear about one more thing: 100 percent of their Black Friday profits will go to their factory workers.

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The S.F.-based brand is doing something a little different from the masses of other retails touting post-Thanksgiving sales and deals to get people lining up early. They won’t put anything on sale. It will be business as usual, except for one significant thing.


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Instead of taking their normal profits from the day, Everlane CEO and founder Michael Preysman announced they’d be putting up to $110,650 of it into a Black Friday Fund that will be used to create a wellness program for their L.A. factory workers, offering on-site healthcare, free groceries and English classes.

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"This is an opportunity to help people on Black Friday," Preysman told Fast Company. "Every year we come up with a different initiative and see how we can push the boundaries." How much more does that make you want to shop Everlane on Friday?