Ex-Canwest general manager joins AOL Canada

Graham Moysey hired to align content, advertising strategy

TORONTO -- Graham Moysey has logged off at Canadian broadcaster Canwest Global Communications Corp. to become general manager of AOL Canada.

Canwest Global hired Moysey just over two years ago, first to spur greater online content and advertising for its newspaper division, and then additionally for its TV assets as senior vp and general manager of digital media.

But after the recent sale of Canwest Global's newspaper division, and a pending friendly takeover of its TV assets by cable giant Shaw Communications, Moysey is moving to AOL Canada to better align its online content and advertising strategy with that of its U.S. partner.

"At this time of rapid growth in the online content industry, we want to make sure we align to the U.S. strategy while focusing on the wants and needs of our local Canadian audience and advertisers alike," Moysey said.

AOL Canada provides local content in the English and French languages, and owns and operates sites that reach around 8.9 million visitors monthly.