Ex-Madam Kristin Davis to Sue New York Post Columnist

John Podhoretz referred to gubernatorial candidate as a "hooker."

Kristin Davis, an ex-madam currently running for governor of New York, announced Wednesday that she will sue New York Post columnist John Podhoretz and the publication for libel.

Podhoretz had referred to Davis as a "hooker" in his column on the televised debate with Davis and the other gubernatorial candidates.

"Kristin Davis spent four months on Riker's Island after pleading to one count of promoting prostitution," Davis' attorney Ron Castorina said. "She has paid her debt to society. In America we believe in redemption and rehabilitation. Ms. Davis has a clean slate and is entitled to a second chance."

Davis ran an escort service that supplied call girls for ex-governor Eliot Spitzer used, though there was no evidence that she was a prostitute.

"Mr. Podhoretz cannot make irresponsible statements like calling my client a hooker and do so with impunity," Castorina said. "My client was a businesswoman and never a call girl."

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