Exact 3D Living the Suite Life

Company Offering One-Stop Shop for 3D Production

When Panasonic wanted to show off its latest 50-inch Full HD TVs at the CEATEC consumer electronics show, it enlisted the help of celebrated anime director Leiji Matsumoto (Space Battleship YamatoGalaxy Express 999) and Exact 3D, a new dedicated production service.

Matsumoto created an animated short utilizing the suite of services Exact 3D designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the new high-end plasma TVs.

Exact 3D is now getting a global market launch, though a major Hollywood studio has already been using its services on a full-length, 3D-animated Japanese feature. 

The suite of services is being offered jointly by Brosta TV and Japan Cable Television, both subsidiaries of TV Asahi Corp.

"The reason the two companies are involved is that Brosta TV has a lot of experience in producing anime, while JCTV has more experience in working with live action," said Masashi "Sho" Matsuhashi, a producer at Brosta TV.

The Exact 3D stereoscopic movie production service promises highly detailed 2D–3D conversions, precise 3D camera shootings, high quality economical 3D stereoscopic movie production and editing services. These are available for 2D and 3D live-action films, animation, sports, music and game software contents.

"Some of the things that differentiate our service from most post-production 3D companies are the staff we have available and the way we are structured," Matsuhashi says. 

With many postproduction outfits, the movie company hands over their 2D content and then gets the finished 3D product back with little interaction in-between, according to Matsuhashi.

"With Exact 3D, we have producers and directors in-house, so the client company can consult with them during the entire process, to achieve exactly the result they are aiming for," said Matsuhashi.

"On the other hand, if the project is in pre-production, we can offer consulting on how to shoot for live-action, or how to draw for anime, in order to achieve the optimum 3D results," Matsuhashi says.

In creating the 3D effect, the combining of two images – one for each eye – is the crucial technical process, and it is here that Exact 3D claims it has the software, technical know-how and production experience to set it apart from its competitors.

"Being a subsidiary of Asahi TV, we have brought in people with movie and television production experience, not just technicians," Matsuhashi says.

Brosta TV is a fully owned subsidiary of TV Asahi, while JCTV is a joint venture between the television network, The Asahi Shimbun – a major newspaper and group company – and the Tokyu advertising agency. Among JCTVs other activities is the distribution of the CNN news channel in Japan.