Exclusive Clip: The Killer Gadgets of 'Despicable Me'

In a bad, bad world you need to have the best technology

Besides a deep and hideous laugh, the key to out-badding rival supervillians is really in the gadget department -- especially in the competitive menace world of the Universal hit "Despicable Me."

Gru (Steve Carrell) and his assistant Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand) manage to pull out all the stops as this exclusive clip clearly points out  -- even if Nefario's hearing impairment gets in the way of a truly effective "dart" gun.

But he does manage to put together a pretty effective, if noxious, weapon nonetheless.

"There are some wonderful contraptions," says Brand in the clip. "Some of which were needlessly manufactured on account of people mishearing information."

The gadget clip, part of the Blu-ray and DVD package out this winter, also works through villain-rival Vector's (Jason Segal) array of aquatic-themed weapons such as his squid launcher and his piranha gun. Great stuff, even if they are very "difficult to load" as Segal points out.