EXCLUSIVE: David Fincher, MRC near deal

In negotiations to produce two movies under his own moniker

David Fincher is negotiating with MRC to produce movies under his own moniker.

The deal isn't done, but the outline of the arrangement is similar to one M. Night Shyamalan made with the company. The "Sixth Sense" filmmaker is producing a trio of horror-thrillers under the banner "The Night Chronicles."

Fincher's deal would include two pictures, though that could change. Their genre isn't known, but two Shyamalan projects at MRC feature supernatural elements: Horror pic "Devil" opens Friday, and a second MRC production was announced Wednesday, the thriller "Reincarnate."

Fincher's MRC films could be similar to such crime-oriented thrillers as "Seven" and "Zodiac," for which he is known.

The director is prepping the release of "The Social Network," a drama about the founding of Facebook, a Columbia production generating awards buzz ahead of its Oct. 1 bow. Fincher next returns to darker terrain with Columbia's adaptation of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo."

MRC was not available for comment.
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