Exec holds sway in Canada


It's been an interesting trip back to Alliance Atlantis Motion Picture Distribution for Victor Loewy.

He resigned from distribution arm MPD in July 2006 in protest over executive suite firings initiated by Alliance Atlantis. As it happened, he was rehired months later as a consultant to appease output supplier New Line Cinema, and now he's slated for the CEO post. Loewy's strength continues to flow from MPD's additional American franchises including Miramax, the Weinstein Co. and Focus Features, all of which depend on Loewy to shepherd releases in Canada.

Loewy has dominated Canada's indie distribution sector for more than three decades. In 1972, he co-founded Montreal-based Vivafilm and 13 years later co-founded Alliance Communications. In 1998, he took the helm at MPD.

Etan Vlessing