Execs square off in Cannes soccer match


CANNES -- Film execs from around the world will take a break Monday from the wheeling and dealing to take part in the 15th annual Cannes Soccer Match for the Alan Solomon Trophy, which will be held at the Stade Maurice Chevalier II in Cannes La Bocca.

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Phase 4 Films is sponsoring the match, Phase 4 president and CEO Barry Meyerowitz and Magus Entertainment president Peter Wetherell said Monday.

"It's fun to put down our PDAs in the middle of the festival for a competitive soccer match," Meyerowitz said. "After the match, we have a terrific party and then everyone resumes their buying, selling and pitching the next day."

The teams will be divided between Europe and World United, depending on the individual player's current geographic lineup.

The sign-up sheet includes Ben Kramer, CAA; Robin Burt, IFTA; Joe Neurauter, Occupant Films; Thor Sigurjonsson, Zik Zak Filmworks; Dylan Leiner, Sony Classics; Ryan Kampe, Visit Films; Carlos Hansen Ramirez, BF Distribution; Richard Harris, South Australian Film Corporation; producer Chris Briggs; Stewart Till, Icon; Alex Hamilton, E1; Manuel Monzon, Vertice 360; Erik Engelen, A-Film; Gil Santos, Eco Filmes; Mick Southworth, The Works; Laurence Gornall, the Works; Andy Mayson, Exclusive Media; and producer Peter Wetherell.

Puma is providing uniforms for the teams.
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