The Peninsula New York Unveils $3K Facial Treatment

The Peninsula Spa - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of The Peninsula New York

It’s for the luxury hotel’s 30th birthday. Because, why not?

The Peninsula Hotel New York, the iconic Midtown hotel, is celebrating its 30th birthday by offering to its cadre of high-net-worth guests — plus any one looking for a serious splurge — a $3,000 age-defying facial. Because 30 is the age we all start needing a little help, right?

In addition to being one of the most extravagant facial on the market, The Peninsula Spa’s Medical Beauty Research Age-Defying Customized Facial is also, it claims, the most results-driven. More than just a treatment, it’s an experience that is, like so many of the best things in life, only available for a limited time. (Until March 30, to be exact.) Medical Beauty Research, or MBR, is a German brand using patented technology that extracts high concentrations of medical-grade ingredients to treat below the surface.

Those celebrating in this lavish manner should arrive an hour early for their appointment, in order to fully revel — and open the pores — in the eucalyptus steam room and sauna before relaxing in the Asian tea lounge. As for the bespoke therapy itself, conveniently an excellent pre- or post-surgical add-on, it includes the expected standard protocols but goes much further.

Highlights include four specific MBR enhancements, each given a dedicated 15 minutes. There’s Cell-Power Bust Up Concentrate to promote skin elasticity, and it literally feels like your skin is being tightened as it sits, working for 15 minutes. The Executive Gel Mask is also left on to strengthen and replenish the lipid barrier and smooth the surface structure of the face. Another option is a hyperpigmentation-relieving hand treatment or foot therapy designed to treat heavy and swollen lower limbs (a good go-to after a long night in stilettos).

The cherry on top is a generous slathering of Liquid Surgery Serum on the face and neck. The product delivers oxygen for rejuvenation of cell metabolism, as well as relieving stubborn wrinkles, plumping and refining the surface. In keeping with the anniversary vibes, spa guests having this treatment also get a present to take home: a 1.7 ounce bottle of that plumping, stimulating and smoothing serum, worth $1,724, also known as the most expensive product on your vanity. Happy birthday, indeed.