'Extinctions' racks up MIPCOM sales

Docu thriller will air in France, Belgium, Canada

CANNES -- International distributor Marathon said Wednesday it is projecting more than 3 million euros ($4.1 million) in MIPCOM sales for its new cross-platform global co-production "Extinctions."

The six-part documentary about endangered species is co-produced by French production companies France 5, Frederic Lepage Concepts and Coyote Conseil, Singapore's MDA and Oak3 Films, Brazilian Mixer and Canada's Greenspace Prods.

The first four-way joint venture between France, Singapore, Brazil and Canada will air on France 5, on High Fidelity TV in Canada and on Radio Television Belge Francophone in Belgium.

"Extinctions" is available for a variety of outlets including TV, mobile, books and user-generated content through a special "Extinctions" Internet channel.