Extras injured on Cruise film shoot


COLOGNE, Germany -- Ten extras working on the Bryan Singer WWII thriller "Valkyrie" were injured Sunday when they fell off the back of a truck during second-unit shooting in Berlin.

The extras fell off the truck when a side panel burst open as it drove around a corner in central Berlin. They were rushed to the hospital and one was kept overnight for observation, producers United Artists said Monday.

None of the movie's principal production unit, including Singer and star Tom Cruise, was filming when the accident occurred. Filming was halted after the accident but UA said it does not expect the mishap to have any impact on the film's production schedule.

UA said the truck was traveling at less than 10 mph and that none of the extras suffered injuries "more serious than cuts or bruises."

A Berlin police spokesman said the truck has been confiscated and will be checked for possible mechanical defects. Police also have begun an investigation into the accident, standard procedure for any occupational accident in Germany.

In "Valkyrie," Cruise plays Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, the German commander who led the failed attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler in July 1944.

The project has been extremely controversial in Germany. Cruise in particular has come under attack from German politicians and members of the Stauffenberg family because of his involvement with Scientology, which the German government views as a cult.

The filmmakers were banned from shooting on location at the Bendlerblock building in Berlin, the building where Stauffenberg plotted the assassination and where he was later executed by the Nazis.

But many German filmmakers, including "The Lives of Others" director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, have come out publicly in support of Cruise and the project.