'Eye in the Sky' Trailer: Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul Work to Catch Terrorists

Eye in the Sky Still Helen Miren - S 2015
Courtesy of Bleecker Street Media

The political thriller opens in theaters on March 11.

The first trailer for the political thriller Eye in the Sky focuses on the moral quandaries of modern warfare.

In the spot, Helen Mirren and Aaron Paul are working together to spy on suspected terrorists. When it is discovered that a house is filled with would-be suicide bombers, a battle of principles ensues over whether they should target the house without warning.

Things get even more complicated when a little girl is discovered on the premises.

Alan Rickman and Captain PhillipsBarkhad Abdi also are seen in the trailer, doing their part to stop an attack.

Eye in the Sky opens in theaters on March 11.

Watch the trailer in the player below.