Eyeboogie Lands New CFO

Chris Frisina

Chris Frisina joins premiere digital studio as Strategist & CFO

Chris Frisina has been named CFO of Eyeboogie Studios, president Woody Thompson announced Thursday.

Frisina had been a producer and new media consultant at Reveille Studios, prior to being tapped by Thompson and Eyeboogie, where he produced the US version of the MasterChef Academy iOS app among his other responsibilities.

“I am very excited to expand on the foundation Woody has built and open new doors for what Eyeboogie does better than anyone else-- that is make daily premium video shows for the web-- as well as push in to more TV, movie and digital opportunities by leveraging our talented and efficient development and production studios enterprise,”  Frisina said in a statement. “The table is set for Eyeboogie to finally be recognized as one of the premiere content creators across multiple platforms-- I’m excited to help make that happen.”