The Eco-Friendly Makeup Remover Favored by Naomi Watts

Courtesy of Face Halo

Face Halo makes erasing makeup a breeze with only water.

It's an admission that many women usually let out squeamishly — some nights they actually fall asleep without taking their makeup off.

Anyone listening is immediately flooded with images of clogged pores and smeared mascara, but the madness could soon stop thanks to a new beauty product that makes erasing makeup a breeze and is environmentally friendly to boot.

Enter Face Halo, a small, round and plush pad that claims to remove all traces of makeup with just water. No tossing a grip of grimy wipes out twice a day, no squirting out the suds of face cleanser or oil and splashing it away, just wet the little disc and start swiping your face. It sounds especially good when packing for summer travel: take along less, plus no worries about your face wash exploding in your suitcase. Created by Rebecca Williamson and Lizzy Pike (the latter worked with microfibers for over a decade), Face Halo launched a few months ago and has already gained fans in Naomi Watts and high-profile beauty vloggers like Chloe Morello.

Williamson and Pike were inspired to create the product when commiserating about the often annoying, late-night process of makeup removal. Pike had worked extensively with various microfibers in the past and they set out to develop a version plush enough for the face and that lifted away makeup and dirt.

"The microfibers are designed to reach into your pores to lift and trap makeup and dirt," says Pike. "The fibers hold onto the makeup until you wash the pad, making it unique in comparison to other cloths or cleansers that simply wipe over the surface. The microfiber replaces the chemicals and the water acts as the solvent."

Quick science lesson from Pike: all cleansers and toners contain a chemical that acts as the surfactant, which breaks down makeup, and water, which is the solvent. With Face Halo, the microfibers replace the surfactant.

Smudges of tan, black, red and bronze are strewn across the pad with just a couple swipes and some warm water. Each pad should be laundered after using and can withstand up to 200 washes per pad, replacing approximately 500 makeup wipes. Williamson and Pike are aiming to create an up-cycle program for the Face Halo pads so that they essentially never have to be discarded and can be used in another capacity long past its shelf life. (A pack of three retails for $22.)

In the meantime, it's relatively less waste than wipes and provides even less of an excuse to take off your makeup every night.