'Face of Love' Premiere: Annette Bening, Ed Harris on Their Unconventional Love Story

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Annette Bening and Ed Harris

Director Arie Posin revealed that the story about a widow who meets a man who looks exactly like her deceased husband is based on a similar incident that happened to his mother.

At the L.A. premiere of IFC Films’ The Face of Love, stars Annette Bening and Ed Harris livened up the LACMA red carpet despite the grey weather and post-Oscars fatigue.

“I really wanted to work with Ed,” Bening told The Hollywood Reporter. “It was a very intimate movie, very intimate story and when you have a partner that you feel comfortable with, it just makes it so easy.” Harris echoed Bening’s love fest: “Annette was in it!” 

The film, which also stars Robin Williams, follows the story of a widow who meets a man who looks exactly like her deceased husband. The idea for the film actually came out of something that happened to director Arie Posin’s own mother several years after her husband died.

“She came here to LACMA and was walking across the street at the crosswalk when she saw a man coming toward her,” Posin said. “He looked like a carbon copy of my dad years after he had passed away. She told me that story, and I was very moved by it and I started to obsess about it, dream about it and eventually write about it.”

Written by Posin and Matthew McDuffie, the film is intentionally an unconventional love story. “What I was after was to try and recall those classic films that had a lot of suspense in the ’50s, ’60s and to harken back to those movies,” he told THR. 

Los Angeles is also heavily featured in the film. “I wanted to make a movie in which this city was a character; to show the romantic and beautiful Los Angeles,” Posin said.

Posin also seized the opportunity to showcase LACMA in the film. Bening and Jeannine Oppewall, the art director are committee members at LACMA themselves. The opportunity to shoot in the museum Posin described as a “beautiful, full-circle thing.”

The Face of Love opens in theaters March 7.