Michael Rymer's 'Face to Face' to Launch New Film Festival Flix Program

Benjamin Oberman - P 2012

The series, presented by MouseTrap Films, will spotlight independent features in theaters while also making them available online.

Australian director Michael Rymer's Face to Face will kick off Film Festival Flix, a new monthly film series organized by MouseTrap Films to showcase independent features. The film will play the Laemmle theaters in North Hollywood and Pasadena in September and also travel around the country that month.

MouseTrap, headed by president and CEO Benjamin Oberman, plans to release three films per month in theaters across the U.S. and day-and-date on VOD and DVD. The films will be available for DVD purchase, download-to-own and streaming rental via www.FilmFestivalFlix.com and through additional partnerships and platforms. Film Festival Flix is expanding at a rate of two to three theaters per month and expects to be in 50 cities each month within the next 12 months, Oberman said.

To fill its distribution pipeline, Mousetrap has acquired such titles as Face to Face; Jan Dunn’s The Calling, starring Brenda Blethyn and Susannah York; Davey Frankel's The Athlete; Philipp J. Pamer's The Holy Land of Tyrol; Lawrence Johnston's Night; Mike Bruce's Treasure of the Black Jaguar; and Amanda Jane’s The Wedding Party, starring Josh Lawson

“The goal of Film Festival Flix as a distributor is to use an alternative theatrical release strategy as a means to provide a platform for the independent film to be discovered,” Oberman said. “The audience gets the opportunity to see the film in the way the filmmaker originally intended it to be seen – on the big screen. The filmmaker gets to connect directly with their audience and also lay the groundwork for future films they may make. Combining the theatrical events with the www.FilmFestivalFlix.com website, social media and grass-roots marketing campaign, the company has built a model of distribution that reaches a targeted audience in a timely fashion while keeping costs down maximizing the profits earned by the filmmaker."

Face to Face, adapted from a play by Australian playwright David Williamson, tells the story of 10 Australians from diverse backgrounds who sit down to determine the fate of a violent young man and won a Founders Prize as best foreign fiction film at Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival in 2011.

In addition to Face to Face, the festival will also feature Alastair Orr’s Expiration, a thriller from South Africa.