Facebook Adds Trending Feature for Popular Topics

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Facebook has been hammered by the stock market after pricing its May 18 IPO at $38 and suffering an 18.4 percent drop through May 22. Unfortunately for buyers, a look at other big-ticket offerings of the Internet age suggests that long-term strength might be correlated to an initial pop on day one. "

Taking a page from Twitter's playbook, the social network, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, will add the feature in news feeds over the next few weeks.

Facebook is taking a page from the Twitter playbook with the launch of Trending, a new feature that will showcase conversations and posts about popular topics.

Trending, announced Thursday morning, will appear in the top right of a user's Facebook news feed with a list of three trending topics and descriptions of why they are popular. Clicking on any of those topics will open a feed devoted to photos, videos and other related posts.

The topics are personalized to each user based on location, interests and what friends are talking about.

Chris Struhar, a news feed engineer, says Trending is especially suited for breaking news or live events. “I was watching the Golden Globes this past Sunday, and it was really cool as the show was airing to pull up the feed to see that it was trending,” he says.

Twitter has offered a similar feature, where it lists trending topics and hashtags to the left of its feed.

Facebook, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, first tested the feature over the summer. The company plans to roll out Trending to users in several major countries over the next few weeks.