Facebook App YEAH Hopes to Lure Eyeballs of Movie Geeks (Video)

Yeah Logo - H 2012

Yeah Logo - H 2012

The new service offers exclusive supplemental content on a variety of films, including "Superman," "Halloween" and "Reservoir Dogs."

For consumers hoping for a more in-depth look at their favorite films, there’s a new word in the world of online entertainment: YEAH.

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Launched this week, YEAH is a new Facebook application that allows viewers to watch trivia, background information, commentaries and interviews on a small selection of films. With Halloween, for example, one of eight titles currently available on YEAH, users can watch the film while trivia unspools underneath the film, or pause the film to watch an interview with director John Carpenter as he discusses shooting the opening steadicam shot. 

Besides Halloween, YEAH offers enhanced versions of Superman, Reservoir Dogs, The Crow, Natural Born Killers, Ghostbusters, The Exorcist and Starship Troopers. With plans to add a minimum of two titles per month, the company creates and owns all of the supplemental content -- the company says 90 percent of it is new, as opposed to being repurposed off DVD extras -- but licenses the films. 

YEAH’s current subscription rate is $5 for unlimited access to its titles and content. An introductory rate of $20 for six months of unlimited access is also available. For more information, check out YEAHTV.com, where users can view Halloween anytime for free before signing up. Watch an exclusive clip below of Richard Donner talking about the first time he heard John Williams' score for Superman.