Early Facebook Employee to Pen Memoir of the Company's Rise

The Boy Kings Cover - P 2012

The Boy Kings Cover - P 2012

Katherine Losse -- employee no. 51 -- promises an insider's account of Mark Zuckerberg and the social network's rise in "The Boy Kings"

Katherine Losse--employee no. 51--who served as Mark Zuckerberg's personal writer (i.e. reportedly she ghosted many of his emails) is writing is one of the very first insider's accounts of company's rise and of the "hackers, venture capitalists, and ivy league grads who worked (and played) there."

The Boy Kings: A Journey into the Heart of the Social Network will by published by Free Press on June 26, just a little more than a month after Facebook's IPO will make billionaires and centi-millionaires of many of its founders. (There's no word on how much stock Losse owns).

Losse joined Facebook in 2005 as a customer service representative, eventually rising to become founder Mark Zuckerberg's personal writer and an executive in charge of internationalization--helping translate the Facebook interface into languages other than English. She left the company in 2010 in what the Free Press describes as "friendly terms."

The publisher promises that The Boy Kings will "reveal what’s really driving both the business and the culture of the social network.  She will answer the biggest question of all:  What kind of world is Facebook trying to build, and is it the world we want to live in?"

Despite the interest in the company, first-hand accounts of its origins are surprisingly sparse. The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook: A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal by Ben Mezrich, is the book the Oscar-winning film The Social Network is based on. Mezrich interviewed some of the people involved in the story but Zuckerberg would not speak with him and many at the company thought the book was inaccurate.

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