Facebook Set to Overtake Job Boards in 2012


According to new data, the social networking site has become a top job-recruitment tool for companies.

Facebook has long been about more than just posting pictures for your friends to see. 

The site's more than 750-million users advertise events, sell and buy goods and most frequently connect with new and old acquaintances. And, now, the Wall Street Journal reports that increasingly, companies looking for potential hires are utilizing the site's networking functions for finding potential new hires. 

Besides the obvious access to millions of people, there is also the added benefit of a post being cost-free as opposed to fee-oriented job board sites. 

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"Some recruiters say they have all but eliminated their spending on job boards, which can charge a few hundred dollars per job posting, depending on volume," says the report. 

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Right now, Facebook-found hires don't even make up one percent of new positions currently being filled according to Jobs2Web, an job-tracking company. 

But, while Facebook has yet to become a competitor with professional-networking site LinkedIn, the company's growth trends predict it could become a viable rival to classic job boards like Monster.com in 2012, said Jobs2Web analytics manager Phil Schrader.