Facebook, Twitter Campaigns Urge Keith Olbermann to Run for Senate

Keith Olbermann - Portrait Session - 2010
David S. Holloway/Getty Images

Social media sites and political blog implore MSNBC host to seek Connecticut seat.

Keith Olbermann's next gig would be running for Senate if he listens to the growing voice on the internet.

'Draft Olbermann for Senate' sites have appeared on Facebook and Twitter urging the former MSNBC host to run for senate in the seat to be vacated by Joe Lieberman in 2012.

A Daily Kos blog contributor call Stranded Wind has taken the lead on the campaign and insists the fact that Olbermann lives in New York is not a problem.

"He used to live in Connecticut and could easily return and establish residency," the blog states.

Even Stranded Wind admits the chance of getting Olbermann to run, much less win is a "tremendous long shot."

"But I'm excited to have a possibility like this to work on in an off year,"  the blog states.