Facebook Unveils New Messaging System

As part of the revamp, e-mails, texts and instant messages will be combined and organized by sender; users also will be given an @facebook.com e-mail address.

Facebook is overhauling its messaging system, combining e-mail, texting and instant messaging, and also providing its 500 million users with an @facebook.com e-mail address, CNN reported.

The new system has the ability to link all messages someone receives, including e-mail, texts and instant messages, as well as Facebook messages and chat conversations.

Facebook currently creates separate threads for each conversation, but the new system will instead group all messages by contacts.

Similar to Facebook's News Feed, the messages will be ranked based on the social-networking site's determination of how important the senders are in a user's life. However, the users will be able to change those settings.

"Because we know who your friends are, we can do some really good filtering for you," Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Monday.

Incoming messages will pop up on the bottom of the site, similar to how the chat feature currently works.

The site is planning a slow rollout for the new feature, meaning not every Facebook user will have access to it right away.