Faces of Fall TV: Will the Next Cookie Please Stand Up?

Fred Savage and Rob Lowe
Ramona Rosales

"Stewart should be on Nanny 911 because he steps out of line and needs some good parenting," jokes Savage, left with Lowe, of a show to which he'd like to see his Grandfathered character cross over.

This season, 22 new broadcast series will be among the 400 across the dial. Still, the hope of a breakout (see: 'Empire') is all it takes for stars big (Rob Lowe) and new (Rachel Bloom) to step up to bat.

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With a month and counting before another broadcast TV season was set to begin, NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt stood before the indus­try's top critics and laid out exactly what keeps him up at night. "Too many shows," he said. "Not enough monetization. Fractured audience. Netflix doesn't report ratings. What did Nielsen do this time? And how do we find the next great comedy?" The rat-a-tat headline scroll drew laughs from his Beverly Hilton audience and served as a vivid reminder of the plight of a network executive in today's 200-channel universe. Of course, that won't stop the Big Five chiefs from adding a collec­tive 22 new fall shows for the 2015-16 season — featuring a mix of familiar faces (Scream Queens' Jamie Lee Curtis, Grandfathered's John Stamos) and titles (Limitless, Minority Report) — all vying to break through in a crowd of about 400 scripted series.