Fact and Fiction Make 'Camorra' a Top Trending Topic on Italy's Social Media

Police arrest four sought-after mob assassins in the wake of the successful debut of the highly touted television series "Gomorra."

ROME – The term "Camorra" was trending on social media Monday due to an unlikely mix of headlines about the new highly touted Gomorra (Camorra) television series and because of the dramatic arrest of real-life members of the Neapolitan mob the TV series portrays.

Police in Castello di Cisterna, near Naples, said Monday they arrested four wanted executioners from the Camorra mob. The four men have been among Italy's most wanted criminals since 2003, when they shot business owners who refused to pay extortion fees. The group is also suspected of murdering would-be Camorra turncoats and with money laundering.

The police did not immediately reveal the names of those arrested.

The arrests earned headlines Monday, dovetailing with a news cycle still digesting the new Gamorrah series, which premiered to record viewership numbers on Sky Italia last week. The series premiere drew 700,000 viewers despite airing only on pay TV, part of Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox.

The series is based on the best-selling expose of the Camorra crime organization by Roberto Saviano and the 2008 Cannes Grand Jury Prize-winning film of the same name from Matteo Garone. The series has now sold in more than 50 territories, including the U.S., where it will be distributed by The Weinstein Co.

The original book was so despised by crime lords that Saviano had to go into hiding, after it was revealed he had been made a target by Camorra hit men like those arrested Monday.

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