'Factory' to represent India at Oscars

Only second Marthi-language film selected, after 'Shwaas'

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NEW DELHI -- The Film Federation of India said Sunday that India's Oscar entry would be Marathi-language film “Harishchandrachi Factory,” which beat 15 nominees that included mainstream Bollywood features.

Films such as “Fashion”, “New York” and “Delhi 6" lost out in their bid to win the nomination. This is the second time that a Marathi film will go to the Oscars following 2004's “Shwaas” ("Breath").

“Harishchandrachi Factory” is the directorial debut of theatre veteran Paresh Mokashi and revolves around the experiences of Dadasaheb Phalke. Phalke made India's first movie, 1913's “Raja Harishchandra,” based on an ancient tale of the righteous King Harischandra. Since working in films was not socially accepted at the time, Phalke told his actors that they should tell their friends and family they were working in “Harischandra's Factory" instead, inspiring the name for the movie.

"Factory" is expected to have a wider release here soon.
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