Toronto: Woody Allen a No-Show at 'Fading Gigolo' Premiere

'Fading Gigolo'

Director: John Turturro 
Stars: Turturro, Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Sofia Vergara
The Buzz: Allen plays a pimp who guides Turturro's middle-aged hustler. It marks the first time Allen has acted in another director's film in more than a decade.

“He’s tough, but he’s very easy once he’s on board," director John Turturro said of his star.

At the pre-premiere party for Fading Gigolo at The Parlor on Saturday evening, New York homebody Woody Allen — who stars in the John Turturro-directed film — was conspicuously absent. But that didn’t stop those involved in the film who were present from gushing about him.

“He’s good. That’s it,” Turturro said with a smile, before adding: “He’s tough, but he’s very easy once he’s on board. It’s a real privilege to have this type of intimacy I have with him and I don’t take it for granted.” Representing the ensemble cast, which includes So?a Vergara and Liev Schreiber was Vanessa Paradis (she plays a Hasidic Jew in the film).

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The French actress (and former partner of Johnny Depp) said it was “such an honor” to be acting alongside Allen. “He doesn’t do one take the same. He improvises all the time. And he’s brilliantly funny. It was just amazing to watch.”

Paradis viewed the final film for the first time that night, along with Turturro and producer and QED CEO Bill Block and his wife, Eugenia Kuzmina, who played a prostitute in a small scene in the film alongside Turturro.