'Faintheart' battle plan set

Users will determine where film screens

LONDON -- MySpace, Vertigo Films, the U.K. Film Council and Film4 have teamed up for a newfangled dual Web-theatrical showing of "Faintheart," a romantic comedy about people who re-enact Viking battles.

On Jan. 27, the Vito Rocco-directed film will be released simultaneously free of charge for one day in cinemas and online. It will be available for sale on DVD on Feb. 2.

At the core of the plan, MySpace, together with developer Third Eye Labs, has created the U.K.'s first theatrical Web screening, which will allow MySpace fans to decide in which towns the film is shown.

"Faintheart" followers will be able to enter their postcode at MySpace.com/faintheartthemovie and vote to select the locations in the U.K. that would screen the film Jan. 27. On the same day, "Faintheart" also will stream for free on the MySpace page.

"In 'Faintheart' we have created an entirely new model of film creation," said James Fabricant, director of business development and media, Europe, at MySpace and one of the film's producers. "The MySpace community has been involved with every step of the production, and we felt this innovative project wouldn't be complete without their involvement at the final stage."

Vertigo Films' Rupert Preston said: "The industry is beginning to experiment with the traditional distribution windows, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to do something different and exciting with 'Faintheart.' It's a wonderful movie which we have decided to release in the Valentine's Day window, and this event should create great word-of-mouth across the U.K."