Faith-Based Action Film 'Beyond the Mask' Nabs Distribution Deal

Beyond the Mask - H

Freestyle Releasing will distribute the film nationwide on June 5.

The faith-based historical action drama Beyond the Mask is set to get a nationwide theatrical rollout following its on-demand debut in April. Freestyle Releasing is distributing the film, saying it will debut in 100 cities.

The film opened through the Gathr on-demand platform in 440-plus theaters nationwide last month. “Gathr allows us to continue to schedule premieres across the country. So if the film isn’t in a city, fans just reserve a theater and bring it,” producer Aaron Burns said in a statement. 

Beyond the Mask tells the story of a British East India Company mercenary who was double-crossed and is now on the run in the American colonies. He takes on a new mask to thwart his former employee in an effort to redeem his name, while separately trying to gain the trust of the woman he loves.

The film, which stars Andrew Cheney, Kara Killmer and John Rhys-Davies, was directed by Chad Burns and written by Paul McCusker and Stephen Kendrick. Freestyle Releasing is distributing the theatrical release.