Faith-Based Film 'Generational Sins' Gets Distribution Deal

Courtesy of Third Brother Films
'Generational Sins'

Freestyle Digital Media, owned by Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios, will release the movie in October.

Generational Sins, a faith-based movie that — rather remarkably — contains 32 expletives, has struck a distribution deal with Freestyle Digital Media, which plans to release the film theatrically and digitally on Oct. 6.

Freestyle, which also distributed the surprise hit God's Not Dead in 2014, is owned by comedian Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios.

Generational Sins, produced by Third Brother Films and directed by Spencer Folmar, has raised eyebrows among some fans of the Christian film genre because of the copious amount of swearing. The movie is about estranged brothers who try to honor their mother's dying wish by reconciling with their abusive, alcoholic father. 

"We are creating a new genre of gritty, redemptive films, accessible to anyone, but different in that it portrays humanity in all its rawness," said Folmar.

Allen founded Entertainment Studios in 1993. It owns cable and satellite channels like Cars.TV and Pets.TV, and it distributes a few dozen TV shows, including America's Court With Judge Ross and We the People With Gloria Allred. It also distributed the recent shark movie 47 Meters Down.