Fake Donald Trump Parking Tickets Paper Los Angeles Ahead of Speech

Donald Trump Parking Ticket - H 2015

Donald Trump Parking Ticket - H 2015

In advance of Trump's speech to Hollywood conservatives in Brentwood Friday evening, Westsiders woke up to fake parking tickets.

A thousand Westwood and Brentwood residents awoke Friday morning to find what at first appeared to be tickets tucked under their windshield wipers.

In fact, the faux citations were the work of the conservative street artist/provocateur who goes by the nom de guerre Sabo. He spent most of Thursday night acting as a kind of graphic advance man for poll-leading Republican presidential contender Donald Trump, who is addressing a group of Hollywood conservatives in Brentwood.

The realistic tickets feature a picture of Trump in place of a stamp and go on to denounce crimes committed by undocumented immigrants in so-called “sanctuary cities,” among them San Francisco. The citation also includes statistics on immigrant crime, and a photo of Kathryn Steinle, the young woman who was apparently shot at random by Francisco Sanchez, a Mexican immigrant without papers who had been deported five times.

Sabo also has posted some of his trademark poster-sized works, including one that displays a family of immigrants apparently crossing the border in silhouette above the words “Dump Trump.” Smaller print at the top reads: “Undocumented Democrats Say.”

Another poster depicts a crucified Trump surrounded by graphic references to the various business partners who have cut him loose since he described most Mexican immigrants as drug dealers and rapists. The PGA has pulled one of its signature golf tournaments from Trump’s Palos Verde course and two of America’s leading chefs — Jose Andres and Geoffrey Zakarian — have pulled out of restaurants they planned for the mogul’s new Washington D.C. hotel.

The group Trump will address tonight is called Friends of Abe, a secretive organization of Hollywood conservatives, who guard their identities for fear of reprisal from industry liberals. This season they’ve also hosted Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul.

For his part, Sabo alleged that the mogul is getting a raw deal in the mainstream press. “Donald Trump never said he hated immigrants or the Latin people,” the artist told The Hollywood Reporter. “What he said was a porous border is a dangerous border. It's wrong how the media is putting ideas out there that are unfounded. It goes to show how in the pockets of the Democrats they are.”