'Off the Cuff' Podcast: MTV's 'Faking It' Stars on Rabid Fandom, Changing Lives

MTV Faking It Rita Volk and Katie Stevens - H 2014

Stevens with fellow leading lady Rita Volk on MTV's Faking It

Rita Volk and Katie Stevens of MTV's new comedy stopped by #pretapodcasts to dish on auditioning for the same role and how one of them was selling needles out of her trunk before becoming an actress.

The stars of MTV's initially controversial lesbian comedy Faking It (now hailed as a sophisticated high school comedy by critics), Rita Volk and Katie Stevens reveal what it was like both auditioning for the role of Karma, which included an awkward incident with a bathroom key.

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The actresses also talked about the already rabid fan following they've earned and the responsibility Volk especially feels about properly representing the LGBT community, not to mention hearing from fans how the show helped their personal coming out story. Plus, which of the young actresses, before becoming one of MTV's hottest celebrities, was selling Botox needles out of the trunk of her car?

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