Fall Out Boy, 50 Cent team up

Acts begin five-date double bill on April 14th

DETROIT -- It was 50 Cent's proposal to play some shows with Fall Out Boy this month. But he didn't have to ask twice.

"He came up with the idea, and we were like, 'Yeah. Totally. Yeah. Why not?," frontman Patrick Stump said. "He had been talking for a while about doing something together. We definitely like hip-hop a lot, and I think a lot of people know that at this point. We've toured with Paul Wall. We've had Lil Wayne on our record. I worked with Gym Class Heroes extensively. So I think it works."

But Stump acknowledged that hasn't been a universal sentiment.

"We've encountered a little bit of negative feelings about it," he said, "but I think that you should challenge your audience a little bit. And I think the reality is that, OK, if you don't like 50 Cent, if you're that stuck-up that you're going to stand there and hate him actively, then go to the concession stand during (his set). Go get a T-shirt or go to the bathroom if that's how you feel. Otherwise, challenge yourself.

"I'm excited to see how it goes because it will certainly add something to the tour in a different way that I think is worth seeing. I think it should be interesting."

The rapper -- whose new album, "Before I Self Destruct," is due in June -- is playing five shows with Fall Out Boy, starting April 14 at the Fillmore in Denver. Both acts are also playing at this weekend's Bamboozle Left festival in Irvine. Stump said there are no plans yet to collaborate on stage, but he doesn't rule it out, either.

"We haven't really talked about it," Stump said, "but I think a tour kind of has a life of its own. On the first day it's just like summer camp -- you're really awkward. But by the last day you have your group of friends and you've figured yourself out, so who knows? It may happen. I could just as easily see him and Cobra Starship hanging out, so we'll see."

Fall Out Boy kicks off its Believers Never Die Part Deux tour Friday in Mesa, Ariz. Other opening acts on the tour include Metro Station, All Time Low and Hey Monday.