How Tim Goodman Fared in Last Season's TV Predictions


THR's chief television critic was mostly right about which shows would last but missed the mark on a few he pegged to fail, including "Revenge" and "Whitney."

Do we want to revisit last season? Fine. You can't embarrass me.

As I look back on the odds I put on fall 2011’s shows, I realize I’m a terrible oddsmaker more than a terrible predictor of failure. I knew Pan Am had no future, but I laid odds of it getting canceled at 20-1. Shouldn’t that have been 5-1 if I was so certain?

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I was mostly right about shows I thought would survive but missed on CBS’ A Gifted Man (didn’t like it but thought CBS would make it work); The CW’s Secret Circle (didn’t like it, but when does The CW cancel anything?); and Fox’s Allen Gregory (hated it but thought Fox treated animation with kid gloves — oops).

But here’s where I was wrong: I had NBC’s Whitney down for sure death. Apparently, NBC will keep anything. I liked Grimm but didn’t expect it to last.

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But I was most wrong on the subject of Revenge. I liked the pilot but thought it would get crushed at 10 p.m. Oh well.