Fall TV's 'The X Factor,' 'New Girl' Among Top Shows For Advertisers

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Marketing group NewMediaMetrics ranked the best Fall shows for big advertisers like Apple, Coca-Cola and Ford to feature their products during.

As Fall's TV premiere season gets underway, advertisers will be buying spots during the hottest new shows. 

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Marketing and analytics group NewMediaMetrics has released a list of the best new-show bets for advertisers like Coca-Cola, Apple, Dell, Chrysler and Pepsi to place their product spots. 

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This broadcast season Apple would do well to advertise during Fox's Zooey Deschanel  project, New Girl. While Coke and Pepsi should try their luck with CBS' Person of Interest, and the group recommends Ford place their ads during NBC's fantastical new series Grimm

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Their 2011 TV Study uses an "emotional attachment index" to measure a link between consumer's attachment to brands and individual television programs, because people are more likely to buy a brand they're attached to when it is advertised during a program they enjoy. Each year before the start of the Fall season the company surveys 3,000 consumers between the ages of 18-54 testing their attachments to over 350 media properties and 330 brands. 

"If I’m buying broadcast media for Apple, I definitely want my spot to run on New Girl,” NewMediaMetrics co-founder Denise Larson said in a statement. "Our data showed that 60 percent of consumers who have a high emotional attachment to Apple products will also have a high EA for New Girl."

NBC's Up All Night (starring Christina Applegate and Will Arnett) tested well with Chrysler and Dell displayed a high emotional attachment for projected viewers of the network's Prime Suspect

Overall, the company says the new shows most likely to be successful with viewers this season are Fox's The X Factor, Ringer starring Sarah Michelle Gellar on the CW and two of ABC's new crop, Last Man Standing and Once Upon a Time

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